Monday, August 11, 2008

Things I forgot to take to summer camp

Inevitably, I always forget to take things on trips. This year for summer camp, I did alright, but I still forgot a few important (funny?) ones:

  • Money for a shower (results in interesting smells)
  • Extra pair of shorts (also results in interesting smells)
  • Beach towel (fun times drying off after shower with a sandy towel)
  • Chair (I like to sit on ground anyway)
  • Watch (because phone doesn't get reception)
  • Sunscreen (yay for blistering sunburns)
  • Real sleeping bag (Marcy's kid sized one just can't cut it)
  • Audio adapters (Needed for sound system, fortunately we were able to rig up an alternative)
  • Hat (also helps with sunburn, and keeps hair from whipping eyeballs while riding the buss)
So lessoned learned... maybe....

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