Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love/Hate Relationship Part 3

This probably should have been my first blog. After all, anyone who knows me knows I complain about LA weather almost on a daily basis. Its so ugly. Its all the same. Always warm, sometimes hot. It never rains, and when it does, it is the most pitiful excuse for rain. Californians thrive in boring weather, and they run in terror at interesting weather (and make sure to complain about it too). I love a little bit of snow each year, lots of rain, and especially 4 distinct seasons. In California the seasons are:

Summer: Hot
Fall: Hotter, with fires
Early Winter: Warm
Winter: Warm (some days cool), with a little bit of rain
Spring: Warm, getting hot

LA is also a desert, but we have artificially made it green. I remember hiking up a mountain, and seeing a big yellow valley, with square patches of green. It was very ugly and sad.

What do I love?

Summer’s aren’t as humid as in Georgia. It can get very hot, but it is no where near as miserable as I remember on the east coast. The consistent weather can be nice, because it is easier to plan outdoor events. Although I miss rain and thunderstorms, I do not miss those 6 week stretches of rain. I have a feeling I probably enjoy the constant “paradise” temperatures more than I realize. I am sure I will miss it (only a bit) if we move.

So that’s part 3 of why I love and hate SoCal.

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