Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ben Stein

Had to work for an apologetics event tonight at Biola... it was about the upcoming documentary made by Ben Stein "Expelled".

Anyway, some interesting testimony tonight, and Ben Stein gave a good speech about his motives for the documentary. What strikes me as incredible is looking up the movie on wikipedia how /already/ (movie wil be released on April 18) the majority of the entry is full of slams and responses to the movie. It is just very fascinating....

You know, it just blows me away how loud, powerful, and prevelant the voice of liberalism is in our country.... sometimes its almost overwhelming.... Like just a split second thought of... "wow I am a fool for not buying into the whole package deal"

It just amazes me how at the drop of a hat groups can come up with so much convincing data.... its sort of like debating a Calvinist.. they will throw so many scripture passages, that the cumulative effect is very convincing.... if it weren’t for the nagging feeling that the picture painted is too perfect, and the data doesn’t match your own interpretations (or leaving the metaphore, experiences).

Not that Ben Stein is flawless... the few clips from the film did seem a bit extreme, I seriously doubt he is no Michael Moore, but he is also an entertainer. But I’ve heard to many testimonies from Christian scholars I trust of the extreme bias they have faced in the scientific community... I have seen too many times that "intelligent design" is referred to with the pejorative term "creationism" (when I know first hand that there is a very clear difference)... I have also seen all too often how the media catches on to trends (like any evidence of global warming automatically = man caused)..... The testimonies of scholars who have been black listed and kicked out of universities for writing articles or supporting intelligent design is very believable.

It truly is ironic that we live in a society that exalts freedom of speech so high, but at every turn we make sure that you "freely" speak about the right things in the right way.

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