Thursday, February 16, 2006


I've had a bit of a paradigm shift... or at least had that "kick you in the head" experience realizing a new perspective that I was very naive about.

It is the issue of security. In the past, I've always been real frustrated whenever you here a politician talking about security, because yeah, its important, but historically it has been used as justification to do something that probably ought not be done, (or at least in its manner).

One big example of this is the present conflict between security on one side, and jsutice on the other. Usually those in category #1 are willing to set aside some morality, and some justice, for the sake of their security. Those in #2 cry out at the injustice they have suffered, but often a few from #2 are willing to inflict evil on #1 for retribution. In the past, I have had such a hard time understanding how #1 could opperate without realizing how great a cost they pay for their goal!

Anyway, so recently a friend of mine at my apartment complex was robbed, and for the few weeks after that I had a bit of loss of a sense of security. I feared for myself, but even more for my wife. I didn't freak out, but was nevertheless uneasy.

It hit me that what I expereinced was so minor compared to the fear many people have to live in day by day. Of course that kind of fear and provoke a person to do thigns he wouldn't normally do! And its a very deep fear... the fear of not being in control, the fear of benig at the mercy of somebody with il intentions, and the fear of simply being violated.

9/11 didn't spark this fear in me, probably because I am livinvg in the exact opposite corner of the country from NY. Probably because our culture is so desensitized to evil in the world, but I rarely get disturbed by all the evil that is happening in our world, pooring through the TV every night.

So I have had a change of thinking in several ways:

1) The need for security is real, it may provoke one to hasty and bad decisions, but it is a powerful motivational force.

2) Security is something all people feel is a need. We need to have a "safe place"

3) The sense of security is ultimately an illusion (viz. 9/11)

4) When you have a conflict between one side needing security and the other side needing justice, neither side is "the good guys" or right. At least in my limited knowledge, it seems both ideologies are willing to sacrifice what is right to achieve what they want.

so these still remain:

1) The world is full of evil people wanting to do evil deeds to otehrs

2) Our only real security is being in the will of Christ. Only here can we find peace and true safety. Of course followers of Christ experience evil, but there is a biblical sense of peace of mind, knowing that it will happen, but that ultimately whatever happens your on God's side.

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