Friday, November 11, 2005

Silly Anti-Evolutionism

Okay… so my wife was talking about her weight today. Not in a negative way, but just mentioning how over the last several years she’s maintained a constant weight. Go her! Anyway, after she left for the evening (some meeting for work), curiosity got the better of me. I stepped on the scale and…

Humble Pie

Okay so I normally have maintained a pretty constant weight, I’ll grant slowely increasing, but dang! Now its been a year or so since I weighed myself, but I’m 20 pounds more than I expected. I guess being back in school has had more of a drastic effect than I thought!

So here’s my idea about evolution – why is it that natural selection decided that foods that are bad for us are more tasty and desirable than foods that are good? Wouldn’t it logically be more consistent with natural selection for foods that make us stronger, healthier, and generally more fit to carry on the human race be more desirable?

For that matter, wouldn’t exercise and things that make our body be in better shape and better capable to live (and for that matter find the most ideal mate) also be very appealing and desirable? I know a couple of athletes, and while they seem far more motivated to work out, even they admit that the notion of sitting around being a bum is desirable, while exercise is not so much.

Really when you think about it – humans are just so naturally lazy and unproductive. Some people surely are, but it seems as a whole, we tend to want to degenerate.

Now I suppose a counter argument could go something like, well pleasure is the result of leading us to things that are good (food, shelter, mate, etc.), and that in our fattened rich society, this has been perverted because we already have all that we /need/. However, This definitely is not a new development in humanity if its true – because I think as far as history records its been the case of all societies and cultures and class.

But then I’m making a lot of generalizations based on not much information, it just seems intuitive J

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